The Inspiration for Our Cherry Blossom Blog

The Inspiration for Our Cherry Blossom Blog

Sakora Linn is the ultimate inspiration for our boutique but her name too, has inspired us for the naming of our shop's blog. Cherry Blossom means something moving and immortal to the people of Japan and we wanted recognize that with a blog that speaks to all of the gentleness that comes from the life and blooms of the cherry tree. 

At Sakora Linn Boutique we sincerely hope all of our customers have a wonderful time shopping with us. We want to express that each time you choose to spend your dollars with us we appreciate you and do all that we can to provide great customer service. We select only the very best jewelry and we make sure that we deliver exactly what you expect with integrity. We too respect, like the Japanese, that life is beautiful. Sakora and everyone at Sakora Linn share a commitment to value each of you, each and every day. 

Sakora wanted to share a personal note to everyone...

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to open a jewelry boutique. One of my first words as a toddler was “pretty” (said in a whisper according to my mom and my nana). Being in the mall every day, while my Mom and Nana worked in their boutique, I was exposed to retail at a very young age. I especially loved the holidays and seeing how happy the customers were when they found that perfect gift for the people they love. I really did love everything about spending time with the women who came in to the shop. 

I always knew I would one day be an entrepreneur with my own jewelry boutique and I’m so excited that you’ve decided to join me on that journey!