It began in 2005...

When Sakora was 4 years old. She spent most of her days in the mall with her Mom and Nana, while they worked in their jewelry boutique. As she grew older, Sakora found she has a passion for helping customers find the perfect product that brings joy and meaning to their lives.

Inspired by her family's business...

Sakora and her Nana created Sakora Linn, a jewelry boutique. Sakora was named after the Cherry Blossom (Sakura), and she feels a deep connection to its meaning. Cherry blossoms are a symbolic expression of beauty, power, and strength. They also symbolize love, hope, new beginnings, and good fortune. Inspired by Sakura, she chose to name her shop Sakora Linn, and to offer inspirational pieces, handpicked just for you.

Sakura, or Cherry Blossoms,

remind us to fill our lives with gratitude and joyful moments. To live in the present and appreciate all that surrounds us. In Japan, it’s called “mono no aware.” They believe that things last if we take care of them, and this includes family, friendships, and nature. The beauty of life passes so quickly but if we use our time on earth wisely, there are many things we can accomplish. All we need to do is believe in ourselves and celebrate each day as a new beginning filled with hope and love.

To Spread the Sakura Spirit

of hope, empowerment, and good fortune, Sakora wanted to offer products that help inspire others to achieve those goals. Sakora believes that by inspiring others it helps them to improve their lives, their family’s lives, and their communities.

At Sakora Linn...

like Sakura, we respect that life is beautiful. We believe it’s filled with hope, endless possibilities, and new beginnings. Each day we live in the moment and find gratitude in the small things. Our hope for you is that our jewelry will encourage, empower, and inspire you along your personal journey. Sakora is grateful that you are here and that you chose to be on that journey with her!

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